Service and Repair


Modern Electrical Services will have your electrical problems resolved in as little time as possible.

Service and Repair

At Modern Electrical Services, our technicians are trained to keep up with electrical code changes and updates as well as knowing the newest technology and best industry practices. 

The goal of our technicians on a service call is to quickly identify the problem, define a solution, and then fix your issue. We take pride in our reputation for our quick responses to service calls, as well as being able to quickly find solutions to your electrical problems. We know it is important to have your problems resolved in as little time as possible, especially when something in your home has stopped working. Therefore, we place a special priority on all service calls. 

Free Electrical Estimates

Feel free to call us for a Free Estimate. Over the phone we can give you any and all information you may need as well as a free estimate on most electrical work.

Some contractors will not give you a free estimate. They will want to come to your home and see the work that needs to be completed. Then they will either charge you for an estimate or give you a free estimate and charge you a fee to come to you. At Modern Electrical Services we don't try to trick our customers with hidden fees, we will give you a free estimate for the service or repair.